Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Air quality advisory, running and diet.

Last Friday night, I arrived home in the snow.

This week, we have heat, but smoke from the forest fires in Washington. You can't walk out the door without inhaling enough smoke that you think you're way closer to the fire than a few thousand miles!

I've been getting along really well with my running.  This week I started 4 min run/1 min walk and it's been going well.  Ok, it's painful at times and I'm exhasted when I finish, but I'm doing it, and faster than when I ran pre-cancer so there's that.

But getting up to run in the morning when it's so smokey you can taste it is going to take some extra motivation.

The diet is going fairly well. I've been sticking to it, for the most part. On the weekend, we went out for dinner and had a fabulous dinner that I tried to make fit the plan, but let's face it - a marscapone risotto stuffed with smokey spanish ham probably doesn't fit any plan. Unless that plan is "delicious." Also, pumpkin sticky toffee pudding fits into that category as well.

It was worth it.

I figure so long as I can make it through the week eating healthy, a nice meal to reward myself isn't the end of the world. And it seems to be working - I haven't been measuring myself, but the scale is down a bit and my clothes seem to be fitting looser.

Almost done the month of August.  I'm inching my way to my mileage goal and feeling pretty good about my weight. :)


  1. When the air quality is that bad where I live they tell people it's actually detrimental to your health be exercising outside. I'm not kidding either. Was the snow actually ashes from the fires? One year I remember it was 100 degrees and raining ashes. Someone at a store when you get your car's oil changed put up on their sign "Satan called, he wants his weather back." =D

  2. Sadly, the snow was actual, real, cold, frozen snow. And I know I shouldn't be exercising, but my running schedule says I SHOULD be exercising. My body says "it's ok, sleep in." So far, my body and the air quality advisory are winning. Hank will need a walk tonight though.