Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kayak lessons

After kayaking in Vegas in April, we decided we enjoyed kayaking enough to want to learn more about it.  We definitely needed to learn more about safety and and what to do if you flip over.  And better information on strokes, stopping, etc.  So we signed up for a lesson with Undercurrents here in the city.

We chose Undercurrents for a few reasons.  First, they're certified with Paddle Canada.  While this isn't absolutely necessary, it does give us a bit of confidence that they know what they're doing.  Also, they have small class sizes - max. six for the introductory class we did last night.   Finally, they offer a variety of locations for the lessons.

We still ended up at one of the furthest locations from our house.

This first lesson (Fundamentals) taught us what equipment is required, what to do when you flip over (demo on dry land), how to set up the kayak for ourselves, and how to sit in the kayak.  He also went into a description of the equipment (different paddles, different boats, etc)  And then we got into the kayaks and out onto the water for basic strokes, turning, edging, stopping, etc.

Finally, we had the option at the end of the class to flip a kayak over and practice exiting.

Yup, I did it.  I was the first one if you don't count that time my husband flipped his kayak while practicing edging.

We definitely enjoyed kayaking and the lesson we attended (excellent instructor!)


  1. How cool! They kayaks you used look like the real deal! The ones I've been in are open so they didn't tell us what to do when you flip over. You guys need to go again, maybe down a river next time?

  2. They were true touring kayaks! In Vegas I had a recreational (bigger opening, less bracing) and the husband had a ride-on-top. I'm torn between the touring and recreational, but leaning toward the smaller opening and better bracing in the touring.