Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Running Buddy!

Back in April, we lost our 9 year old Yellow Lab, Tucker.  He was a pretty special dog to us and we both felt the loss.  In the days and weeks after his death, we decided we weren't going to adopt another dog until our elderly, cranky, dog-hating cat died.

Three months later, that decision is out the window as we found a perfectly delightful, four-year-old black lab cross at the Humane Society.

This picture is a little deceiving.  He looks like your average lab, right?

Some perspective, my husband is 6'3" tall.  And this is my new running partner's party trick - sit, sit pretty (90 pounds of black dog, sitting pretty!) and then hugs.  And apparently kisses.

He is a big, sucky, lovebug.

He's actually pretty well trained and understands "out!" means get out of the kitchen.  He also has sit and lay down.

And he's a runner.  I took him out for a jog this morning and while it took a little longer while he sniffed and poked around and did dog-things (like trying to chase deer and cats) it was a pretty successful run and he dragged me out of bed at 4:30 when I felt guilty for rolling over and going back to sleep instead of taking him out for a walk.

He is still the dog with no name as we try to figure out what's going to work.  The name he was assigned at the Humane Society is not going to work and he didn't respond to it anyway.

Anyway, loving our new dog, even as I worried that I'd come home to find he'd escaped from his kennel, eaten the cats and chewed a hole in the couch. I arrived home to find him casually hanging out in his crate, excited to get out and explore the back yard.

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  1. Awe! He's so cute. :) Hope you find a good name for him soon.