Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rest: Day 2

Dear Diary, I think the depression has begun to sink in.  It's been two full days since I last ran on Sunday Morning.  This morning I'm wearing an Under Armor shirt to work.  Ever  so often I stop to pet the logo, reminding myself that I am a runner.  That and coffee are the only things getting me through each day.  And Candy Crush.  Will I ever see the sun again?  Will I ever run along a river dreading every step of my long run again only to feel unreasonably elated when I finish?

The above is pretty unreasonable, right?  I mean, yeah, I can't run and knowing that makes me feel a bit like someone has stolen my favorite toy, but they're holding it there, just out of my reach so I know it's still there, but I can't actually get it.

The worst part is that I spent the latter part of last week looking at races and planning my spring schedule, but this break feels like I might have to downgrade some of the events I was considering entering - like the half marathon at the 50th Calgary Marathon (longest running race in Canada) - which is in June.   I wanted to use the next few weeks to build up my mileage a bit before deciding whether or not to go for the earlier half marathon.

In reality, I know I wasn't going to do that half.  And then I have to decide how far I want to travel to do just a 10K or if I should do something closer to home a week or two later.

Anyway, the reality is that I'm not dealing with forced rest all that well.  I'm bummed.  Thankfully there is an end in sight.  Sure, I was (unrealistically) hoping it would all be better today and I'd be left with a gigantic bruise on my elbow and endless energy for running.  Sometimes I don't get what I want, but I still have that hope for tomorrow.

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