Friday, January 17, 2014

Back from Vegas

"You aren't having fun if you ain't running!"

We were walking down the Las Vegas strip in the early evening when we were passed by a guy running (while not spilling a drop of the beer he carried) down the strip.  When I smiled at him he said some version of the above quote.  It's Vegas, I may be able to direct myself to any part of the strip with very little thought, my memory for actual events may be shorter term.  Blame the vodka.

This trip to Vegas was educational for me.  We went with friends (I should probably clarify that they're my husband's friends since I'm sure they want no affiliation to me after this weekend) who used to work out, but didn't seem to change their diets or once they stopped working out resumed old habits.

We had the breakfast buffet every morning.  The first morning, post run, I was a bit hungry so I probably ate too much.  I filled my first place (not heaping) and went to the dessert bar.  My friends ate two full (and heaping) plates and hit the dessert bar.

Each day at the buffet, I ate less than the day before, choosing healthier options each time.  While it wasn't my choice to hit the buffet, I'd lost 5 lbs between Christmas and the trip and I saw no point in losing ground, right?

The problem for me was I wasn't with similar-minded people.  They stuffed themselves at breakfast with high-fat, high-carb foods then wanted to eat junk food around 3pm because they didn't have lunch.  Then dinner was another high fat event.

I learned on the first day that would not work for me.  I don't eat like that anymore and my stomach revolted - this came as a complete surprise to me.  Then I tried to remember the last time I had french fries.  I can't.

My husband's friends, after hearing about the fitness center (fruit, water, towels, headsets provided) demanded we bring them a banana.  Ok, whatever.  I brought them a banana and they didn't even bother taking it so I think they were just trying to prove that we weren't going or we were lying about the amenities provided?  Basically, they thought we were ridiculous for paying the optional resort fee to use wi-fi and the fitness center.

I don't really care.  I thought they were high maintenance for requesting a different table EVERY time we walked into a restaurant.  The difference is, I came out and said it (thus why they may not want to call me a friend) one morning.  I also think they were jerks for using our wi-fi, the car we rented and not even buying my husband a drink on his birthday.  They did chip in $30 for gas though...


Here's what I learned in Vegas.

1.  I love running.  I ran a couple of times before breakfast and my husband also hit the gym at the same time.  It gave me so much energy for the day and for some reason walking the strip all day (33,000 steps in one day) didn't hurt at all - even after running.

2.  I don't binge anymore.  Overeating was painful and most meals I was unable to clean my plate.

3.  I love my alone time.  Likely due to my outburst calling my husband's friends high maintenance.  I got some "me" time.  To be fair, it was the plan before we left as my husband wanted to go to a gun range.  I have no problem with guns, but it's not something I cared to do - especially at tourist prices.  My plan was always to hang out by the pool with a book while they did that and the weather was good enough for that.  I did forget 1/2 of my swimsuit so I replaced that plan with finding my favorite bakery in the Venetian and indulging in some macarons.

4.  I feel like crap when I eat crappy foods.  Also when I skip meals.

5.  Vodka and water is just a better drink than pretty much anything else.  Mixed drinks now taste too heavy and syrupy for me.

6.  Even on a buffet, you can find fruit, steel cut oats and other healthy options.  But that doesn't mean you have to skip the bacon.  Just don't eat a PLATE of bacon.

7.  My eating habits have changed significantly over time.  It didn't happen all at once, but it has happened.  I didn't realize how much they'd changed until I watched my husband's friends eat like I used to.  And it made me feel ill.

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