Monday, May 25, 2015

An experiment in accountability

Sure, I should be logging my food in a journal.  I used to use the one at Sparkpeople and I had some success with that.  For me, I find a willingness to keep that up when I'm near a computer, but then weekends happen and I fall off the logging wagon.

Fine, I could use the app on my phone.  It would be smart to use the app on my phone.  I do find that while I like my phone for games and things, it's often not as friendly for doing things like tracking the food I eat.  Maybe if I could barcode it, scan it and have it just pop up with "Apple, med - 1." Instead of searching to find things to add to my day.

So this week in an effort to find a way to document what I eat, I'm doing a bit of a photo journal.  My plan is to take pictures through the day as I eat things (like the apple and yogurt currently on my desk).  At the end of the week, I'll post the results of what I ate along with my fitbit numbers for the week.

And if I get around to it, maybe some actual gps data about my running efforts to the week.  Currently my Garmin refuses connect to satellites for me.  So I'm either going to have to break down and carry my phone or figure out why it's not connecting.  Maybe it just needs to be replaced.

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