Monday, June 1, 2015

Photo logging a week's worth of food.

It is quite easy to forget to take pictures of the food you eat during the week.  I started out well.

Monday involved a smoothie, and apple and yogurt, left over cedar-planked salmon with a salad, uhhh, ice cream cake because of a work celebration and Tandoori chicken on naan bread.

Well, Tuesday I forgot to take the picture of my smoothie.  (kefir, water, frozen berries, VegaOne protein & Greens)

I had some crackers (spinach and garlic wheat thins)

Then I forgot to take a picture of the salad I had for lunch with butter lettuce, pepper strips, onion and tandoori chicken with a chunk of naan bread.

I also did not take a picture of the fried chicken we had for supper that night.

Wednesday brings us another post-smoothie empty smoothie cup (You don't need to see that again, right?)

Salad with Tuna for lunch followed by a hunk of carrot cake.

I wish I could tell you I remember what I had for dinner Wednesday.  Oh wait, I do.  It was taco night.  We had homemade tacos then went for a run.  In the future, those activities should probably be reverse.  Belly. So. Full.

Thursday - hey, another empty smoothie cup.  You're getting the picture now, right?  Well, ok, obviously not the picture.

Lunch was another salad topped with leftover taco meat.

Dinner - we ate out.  I had the chicken parm at a bar which was just a bad call.  It was awful.  I thought I took a picture but it seems to have disappeared.

Friday is Bagel & Fruit Day at work.  I had a bagel, a clementine, a banana and an apricot.  And then I had a bran muffin because it was there.

Then I had a salad for lunch (sensing another theme?).

Then this happened
Because I was the only one in the office and suddenly my job turned into "get everyone else's work done before the weekend!"  Which was painful.  I wrote test scripts and checked permissions and wrote requirements.  But hey, it got done.

Then my husband made a delicious dinner - porkchops, corn on the cob and a pea salad.  Nom.  Other than the lunchtime salad, it's the only real claim to healthy eating I have on the day.  Friday fail.

Saturday, we were volunteering at the Calgary Marathon so we went to a little german deli in town for breakfast.  I had the german scramble special which was amazing.  A little cheesy and potato-y, but amazing.

We ended up just having a power bar at the Marathon's expo because we assumed there would be more food options available than there were.  Basically, the power bar was the food option available.

We stopped on the way home for Korean food (Bi Bim Bap and Beef Bulgogi and the Korean pancake) and once again I forgot the photo part of the meal.

At home, I made myself a negroni and poured a bubble bath for a good read.

Sunday was McD's for breakfast (egg mcmuffin, hashbrown and iced coffee) as we rushed off to get into Calgary in time for our 5:45am volunteering at the finish line of the Calgary Marathon (fun day!).

Lunch was half a sandwich and a cookie in the volunteer room after our shift.  

Dinner was Taco Bell.  Obviously by this time I'd fallen completely off the photo taking idea.

So there you have it.  A week in the diet of me.  There are many things I can change.


  1. A good effort! Worth continuing?

  2. I probably could continue, but I found a lot of the time I just forgot to take the pictures so it wasn't as valuable as it could be. I need a better memory!